Welcome to our VIP Membership Program

I. Now, we offer our VIP membership program for $115 per month with two options granted to use once a month:

  1. 90 minute session including:
    1. Vichy shower treatment stimulating circulation, energizing the body and creating an unbelievable relaxing experience for your body and mind, combined with body scrub or any body mask, for example Dead Sea rich mineral mud, algae or Tuscan wine therapy mask.
    2. Steam tent relaxing muscles, opening pores, detoxifying body, and preparing you for more effective massage.
    3. Massage of your choice with hot stones and aromatherapy.
    4. Duration of each element above can be adjusted per your request.
  2. 90 minute facial session with hand and feet treatment, or neck and decollete treatment non-surgical face lifting.

II. We also offer Loyalty program for $79 per month with three options to use each month:

  1. Full 60 minute Swedish or deep tissue massage with hot stones, steam tent and face mask.
  2. Full 60 minute session with massage with hot stones, Vichy shower treatment, aromatherapy, and body scrub or mask.
  3. 60 minute facial session.

You can share your membership with up to two other people of your choice, so one from your group can experience a session at our spa once a month.

Month-to-month with no contract. Same day cancellations and no-shows will be charged the full price of the service

30 days written cancellation notice required.

Click on the link below to obtain the Membership Form:

Membership Form.pdf

Cancellation Form.pdf